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USB Stick Errors:

A USB Stick failure can occur for several reasons. When a USB Stick has a failure it is recommended to have the USB Stick diagnosed by a professional data recovery company. Typical USB Stick failures include stick not getting recognised when connected to a PC or Mac system, stick is getting recognised but no files on stick, USB Stick as formatted by accident, files were deleted by accident, USB Stick has end broken off. We have 8 years experience of recovering from damaged USB Sticks. Below is common USB Stick failures we receive in for data recovery:

USB Stick Physical Damage:

When a USB Stick is not getting recognised by your PC or Mac then it will probably have a physical fault. When a USB Stick has a physical problem the memory chips will need to be unsoldered from the USB Stick electronic board and inserted into a specialised chip reader to read the data. We are one of only a few companies within the Australia that can unsolder and read the data from these type of USB Sticks. We have a high recovery success rate.

USB Stick Electromagnetic Interference and Subsequent Damage:

When a USB Stick has an electronic fault it means the electronic board that stores the memory chips has blown some of the circuits on the board. We have specialised equipment to recover data from the chips on the damaged board. Contact us today to speak to one of our USB Stick data recovery experts.

USB Stick Formatting and Deletion Problems:

USB Sticks often get formatted by mistake when they are connected to a computer. When this happens the memory card will be blank. We have a recovery solution to get back 100% of your data when this happens.

USB Stick READ/WRITE Errors Based on Operating System Performance:

When a USB Stick is freezing your PC or Mac or making your computer run slowly it normally means it is degrading and is the 1st signs that the stick will fail. At this stage it is recommended to copy of your data from the USB Stick. If you find yourself in the unlucky situation that you cannot copy the data from the stick then contact us today as we can imaged and process all data on stick for a 100% recovery.


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