Macbook Virus Removal

Macbook Virus Removal



If your Macbook has slowed to a crawl, it restarts randomly, it shows a blue screen, has popups, has fake anti-virus software or your home page has changed, it probably means your laptop is infected with a virus or spyware. If your Macbook is infected by a virus you are at risk of losing confidential data such as bank login info, credit card data, site passwords and possible other documents. Don’t panic, we can remove your virus or spyware from your Macbook without losing any of your valuable data. We can also recommend and install anti virus and spyware software to ward off future attacks.

Removing a virus, trojan, or spyware from a laptop is time consuming and not easy job. It may result in loss of data if not done correctly. Our technicians take extensive care when removing virus and spyware from our customer’s Macbook. When necessary, all data of your data is backed up first before virus removal work is carried out.

You need our virus removal service if:

  • your Macbook has suddenly slowed to a crawl
  • you are getting a lot of unwanted pop up
  • certain programs won’t start
  • you are getting Apple warnings on your Macbook

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