MacBook Trackpad Replacement

Keyboard Replacement



Get your MacBook – Macbook Pro – Macbook Air Keyboard replaced by professionals.

We can replace your MacBook keyboard if your current keyboard has stopped working or the keyboard backlight has gone out. Call us for current pricing for the replacement MacBook keyboard, please have your MacBook model ready. The cost of our MacBook keyboard replacement service is only for the replacement and does not include the cost of the replacement MacBook keyboard.

We do carry the most popular models of Macbook keyboards in stock, but it can take up to 5-7 days for your new keyboard to arrive if we have to order it.

You need a new Macbook keyboard if:

  • one or more keys on your Macbook are not working
  • one or more keys on your Macbook are stuck
  • one or more keys on your Macbook have broken off

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