MacBook Power Jack Replacement

Macbook Power Jack Repair



Get your MacBook – Macbook Pro – Macbook Air Power Jack Repaired or  Replaced by professionals.

One of the most common problems we see in Macbook is a loose or broken power jack. Most Manufacture companies will try to sell you a new motherboard or a new Macbook if you have a broken Macbook power jack. A broken power jack does not mean your Macbook  is ready for replacement. We provide a cost effective power jack repair service that can easily bring your Macbook back to full use again. We can replace your laptop power jack so it will work like new.
You need our power jack service if:
  • you have to move or bend the power plug to charge it.
  • your Macbook will not charge at all.
  • the power jack is loose and moves around.
  • your power jack has broken off the motherboard.
  • charging light goes on and off when you move the power cable.
  • Water Damage Macbook.

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