Laptop Repair Perth

Repair services for broken screen, faulty charging port,
no power issues, hard drive problems, slow Windows help and lost files recovery.

At Fixpress most of our Laptop repairs and upgrades can be completed in as little as a few hours. We understand that your Laptop is an important part of your daily life and you want it repaired as quickly as possible… we make that happen! 

If your Laptop has motherboard problems, we can usually fix that too. We have technicians who are specialized at chip level motherboard repairs. If you have been told your Laptop is not fixable, bring it to Fixpress, we can usually fix it. 

All Fixpress service areas are specifically designed to be in direct view of our customers. Whether you are just curious to see how the repair is done or you want to be absolutely sure your personal data remains personal. Laptop Repair Perth

Identify Laptop model

If you aren’t sure about your Laptop model, we’d like to help you to identify it!

You’ll find it on the bottom case. Under battery or bottom Case’s Sticker or print like photo.

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Seven Reasons to Choose Fixpress!

Fixpress specialises in offering an express repair service for smartphones, tablets and computers along with a wide range of mobile accessories and refurbished devices.

Lowest Prices

20 minutes Repairs

90 Day Warranty

Certified Technicians

Free Diagnostic

High Quality Parts

Students discount