Insurance Quote Reporting

Supporting Your Claim: Our insurance reporting services cater to damaged and faulty mobile phones. With our report, you can easily substantiate your claim for repair or replacement.

To obtain a Service Diagnostic Report, you can either drop off your device at our stores located in Perth CBD or arrange for courier service and Post. Our skilled technicians will evaluate your device and provide you with a detailed report via email outlining the results of the service diagnosis. You can then present this report to your insurance provider to assist with your claim for repair or replacement.

You may need a report if :

Your device is B.E.R

Beyond Economic Repair and can’t be fixed, and the sole purpose of the Service Report is to replace your device through your Insurance Provider.

Your device is damaged and needs to be repaired

Your Insurance may cover damage that can be repaired, Service Reports and Tax Invoices are available at Fone Fix to help assist with your claim.