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External Hard Drive Problems We Regularly See:

External hard drive fail from all the leading manufacturers for different reasons. External hard drives are basically internal hard drives in an external case. Most of the external drives today are Sata or SSD drives. In the past these drives would have had IDE connections. The large manufacturers these days for external drives are Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Lacie, Buffalo etc. External drives fail and have the same problems as failed internal drives. Examples of software faults on external drives are bad sectors, firmware issues, malware, viruses etc. Examples of mechanical or physical faults on external drives are faulty or seized motor, faulty read/write head assembly, disk platter damage etc. We are the leading Perth-WA Data Recovery Company with 8 years experience. Below is a list of common external drive faults we receive in for recovery:

Mechanical & Physical Issues Resulting in the Failure of an External Hard Drive:

Loss of Data on an External Hard Drive:

Deleting files on an external hard drive can happen very easily. Often the user sends folders to the trash or recycle bin only at a later date to find out that they don’t have the back they thought they had elsewhere. External hard drive can also be formatted by accident very easily. Sometime it gets confusing in the disk management utilities when you are formatting another drive and you end up formatting anything connected to your PC, Mac or Laptop. We have 8 years of experience or recovering from deleted and formatted external hard drives.

External Hard Drive – Circuitry Related Errors:

Electronic PCB is very common place on External Hard Drives. As most external hard drives have their own power supply, these often have problems with power surges due to the power supply having a physical problem or the wrong power supply is connected to the external drive. A lot of our clients plug in their external drives to non protected power outlets and as a result if the external drive receive a power spike through the power socket then it tends to blow the electronics on the external drive. We have over 5000 electronic parts on stock exclusive to our clients.

Dealing with Firmware Problems to your External Hard Drive:

External drive firmware is software that resides on the PCB of the drive or on the disk platters. This piece of software runs the hard drive. Like any piece of software it is prone to corruption or not working correctly. Over the years we have built up a large firmware data for all the leading manufacturers to resolve any firmware issues. If you have a firmware issue we have the best equipment available to resolve the firmware problem.

Boot Failure, Freezing, Stalling and Inability to Read your External Hard Drive:

When an external drive is connected to a PC, Mac or Laptop it can sometimes freeze the system. This is due to the computer not been able to read the contents of the hard drive correctly and freezing the computer as a result. This can happen due to electronic, mechanical or software problems with an external hard drive. The No1 issue for hard drives causing a system to freeze is bad sectors. Bad sectors means the hard drive cannot read the contents of the disk platters and thus your system will freeze.


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