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Mobile phones and tablets have evolved rapidly since handheld mobile phones first appeared in the 1970s. Generally, phones have evolved to be more compact, to have longer battery life and to allow addition of features beyond making calls, like running apps, recording videos and sending text messages. And now, Apple smartphones (iphone) with the capacity and capability of the computers outselling desktops and laptops together; aided by nothing other than the powerful Operating System – IOS!

In keeping up with this evolution, Reboot Data Recovery is equipped with the expertise and cutting-edge technologies in providing data recovery solutions for mobile phones and tablets (iPad). It is never a good time when your iPhone fails or becomes irreparably damaged because it usually takes your data with it. You may lose those precious memories in your photos or the all-important contact list.

Reboot Data Recovery is a local and trusted name in iPhone data recovery experts. Our team consists of seasoned engineers with over 25years experience in IT and premium data recovery. Our footprint in this industry attest to how much we’re known for turning devastating data loss experiences around – reuniting business with critical data and families with their precious memories. We recover data from any phone make, model, or type and some of the iPhone data recovery cases as follows.



This happens when your iPhone is dropped, smashed or when huge pressure is exerted on the iPhone device resulting in it being bent, deformed or broken.

We have recovered data from severely water-damaged iPhones as well, whether it is salt water-damaged iPhone, any liquid damaged iphone or the phone accidentally falling into a pool.



We can also recover data from accidentally deleted data or formatted flash memory depending on how the data was deleted and if the iPhone is not factory reset.

Presently, we there is no solution for factory reset iPhones or problems resulting from internal storage been full.  The only option available is to restore the iPhone “error 14’. This is caused by phone memory being too full to the point of not having any room to run processes and therefore creating a boot loop. We can resolve most boot loop errors provided the NAND is not corrupted or iphone  error 14 showing up during itune update. This however is on a case-by-case basis.


 We have also resolved several cases of ‘swipe up to recovery“ errors  on some iPhones namely iPhone XS data Recovery. We resolve this types of errors provided the internal memory is not full prior to the error. “The iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred 4013” can be recovered as well.



iPhone data loss arising from power surges, faulty iPhone touch IC or even from completely dead iPhones are cases we’re quite accustomed with and have successfully recovered the data. Also, data recovery from iPhones with damaged battery connectors, non-charging ports and iPhone device not powering up at all are cases we’ve had great success with.



Data recovery from iPhones that have been subjected to severe unexpected impact is our stock in trade. Impacts like device being accidentally dropped, liquids pouring on the iPhone, phone mistakenly put into the washing machine or iPhone being run over by a car are familiar scenarios we have handled successfully.


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