One on One Class

In fixpress we always try to offer something new, always keeping your needs and requests in mind. Now you can learn everything about the use and unlimited possibilities of all your Apple devices. Listening to your demands, we developed a special place in our Glyfada store and in partnership with a qualified Apple devices trainer, you can contact us to enrich your knowledge.

Registrations are open! For more information and registration please call us at 210 960 6860. The courses are private, last one hour and are conducted daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Meetings are formed according to your needs.

Choose one or more of the following sections and book your appointment:

Overview of your Mac
Learn all about the technology provided by your Mac, and how you can take advantage of it. We analyze the possibilities and specifications, in order for you to benefit fully from the functionality of your favorite device.

Overview of your iPhone and/or iPad
How much our device capabilities are used? Experience the full range of functionality of your iPhone and iPad devices and take advantage of their different capabilities. Furthermore we do an introduction to basic applications that are already on your device and all other applications provided by Apple (iPhoto, iMovie, Pages etc).

iCloud overview
What is iCloud? What does it offer me? How do I create an account? Store my files? Are they safe? How can I connect all my devices? Know everything about the iCloud and learn to use the smart capabilities to your advantage.

Keeping your data secure
Get total control of your data! It is very important to always keep a copy of our data. We often neglect that and remember how precious our files are when we lose them. Discover the most effective ways to keep all your valuable data safe (pictures, records, videos, music) on your Mac and your iOS device.

The iPhone or iPad and Microsoft
There a way for your favourite Apple devices to work together seamlessly with any computer that uses Windows. We show you how the synchronisation of iTunes and iCloud is easy from your PC or laptop!

Your Apple devices in harmony
All your favorite Apple devices are made for each other. Apple is trying to bring in convergence of both operating systems, Mac and iOS, to make it easier to operate. Does not sound easy enough? Synchronization in iTunes, the iCloud, with the unlimited possibilities of Airdrop, Airplay, Airprint and new Handoff and Continuity, can be plain and easy!

Advanced Seminars
If you already know all the above and just looking to go a step further, you can expand your knowledge in iWork and iWork in the Cloud, the new Photos app, iMovie editing and whatever else you choose. This section is addressed to all those who have a basic training and want to advance.

These sections are not exhaustive, but rather serve as an example. The goal of these meetings is to solve all your queries and together create a program tailored to your needs.

The service is currently exclusive of our Glyfada store.

Why Choose Fixpress

Chip Level Repairs

We have some of the best specialized technicians trained at chip level electronics repairs in the world. That means we can repair just about any device motherboard. If your device is wet, smashed or has some other motherboard damage, we can usually fix it!